PurA Syndrome: 2017 Shea Center Featured Story

Client: J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center

Project: Each year for the annual Gala Event, a client is chosen to have their story told; to inspire, encourage, and raise awareness of the center and its clients. This year (2017) we tell Carter’s story of living with PURA Syndrome.

PURA Syndrome “Pur-alpha”
A recently discovered neurodevelopmental disorder. The PURA gene is located on chromosome 5. It has a number of different roles particularly important in brain development. Medical texts first described this disorder in 2014. At the time of this video, only 108 cases have been documented worldwide. One of these cases is at The Shea Center. *PURA Syndrome Foundation

Role: Videographer and Video Editor.

Results: More than 430 guests were in attendance and raised $780,000 to support Shea Center therapy programs and rider financial aid.

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