Cade Spinello’s Recovery // 2012 Shea Center Gala

Cade Spinello is battling a brain tumor, and has experienced a massive stroke. His journey to recovery includes hours of therapy each week. His time at the Shea Center for Therapeutic Riding is the highlight of his week, where he engages in therapy sessions that involve riding horses. Cade loves superheroes, and when he is on the horse he says; “It feels like I’m flying!”

Cade’s father, Michael shares that; “This is his favorite thing. He’s doing something new. It’s a whole new skill, all together. No one else in our family rides horses so he’s the superstar,” Cade’s mother, Erin Spinello said. “Every single person has so much passion, they look at Cade not for what he can’t do but what he can do.”

This video debuted at the J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center’s, Deep in the Heart of Shea Gala Event in May of 2012.

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