Kingdom Journeys // Cambodia – Thailand – Myanmar

Dear Friends and Family,

After my trip to Guatemala this past summer, I sensed the Lord was asking me to revisit a dream to trust Him for a longer time overseas. Back in 2008 during my senior year at Biola, I was searching for an adventure that integrated global missions, my passions for work and ministry, and meaningful community. That’s when I discovered Adventures in Missions, and began following the blogs of “Racers” serving “the least of these” in different countries around the world. The seed for missions had been planted then. As I’ve learned more about AIM, I have grown to admire and respect them greatly.

I was created with big dreams and a unique perspective on the world. The thing is, it has taken me a long time to start walking this out in confidence. I’m so excited to share that I will be traveling to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar) on a 3 month filmmaking missions trip with Adventures in Missions (AIM) to capture the raw stories of what God is doing through AIM, their partnerships, locals, and beyond. I travel January – March, 2017 with a team of 7 passionate visual storytellers.::FILMMAKING:: 

Our team will be creating a 12 episode documentary series focusing on different locals, missionary and AIM participants (such as those on the World Race), plus ongoing video blogs capturing our journey to find the stories. I am excited to use my filmmaking talents and ideas to impact the lives of many through video! I look forward to sharing these videos with you as they are created after we return home. In the meantime, follow my personal blog at and follow the team at


I am now fully funded, Thank You!!!  If you would still like to give towards this project, I need to repair damaged camera gear, cover an emergency tripod purchase, and cover my two flights to get home. *To support me in these ways it needs to go through PayPal:


I will face many challenges all throughout Kingdom Journeys, but as I prepare for my departure, one of my greatest challenges is my financial support. Like most other missions organizations, Kingdom Journeys participants are required to fundraise financial support. Donations cover all ministry, travel, housing, food, program development, admin support, and are tax-deductible.


Most importantly, I cannot do this without prayer, and I ask you to support me in this way. I need prayer for good health, safety, provision, and for the people I will meet on this journey. Pray that our filmmaking team is united, and that I would continue to trust the Lord as I step out in faith.

I am so grateful for your support. Please also let me know if I can count on you to be a part of the growing prayer team, and if you would like me to include you on trip updates and progress.

Thank you,




Cambodia: Cambodia boasts the famous Angkor Wat, a Hindu temple that later became a Buddhist monastery. Hidden for centuries under dense jungle, today Angkor Wat is one of most photographed places in the world. Cambodia itself is struggling to heal from one of the worst genocides in modern history. In the 1970’s, the Khmer Rouge killed over 1.5 million men, women, and children. Faced with inconceivable poverty and desperation, Cambodia became a source, transit point, and destination for human trafficking. The people of Cambodia are hungry for hope and healing, and there are so many stories to tell of this already happening.

Thailand: Behind Thailand’s beautiful beaches, its people’s smiling faces, and the tropical jungles lies a terrible secret: modern day slavery. In Buddhist culture, women work to support their families so men can earn spiritual merit as monks. Many parents send their daughters to work in cities where the only option is prostitution. As the country’s natural beauty continues to draw visitors, sexual tourism continues to grow. It’s estimated 60% of tourists visit the Red Light Districts—and 90% of Thai men visit local karaoke bars for the same reason. We will document the freedom of Christ being released to the broken in Thailand.

Myanmar: In a struggle for independence, first from Britain, then from its own government, Burmese political groups have fought an ongoing war for over 60 years, full of rebellions and insurgencies. Commonly called Burma, but officially now the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the political unrest has led to nearly 200,000 refugees in Myanmar, many fleeing to neighboring countries like Thailand. When the cyclone hit in 2008, it not only left $10 billion in damages in its wake, it also resulted in nearly 140,000 people losing their lives. Natural disasters, a sinking economy, and corrupt government have led to despair and poverty for many Burmese people. This country is fighting to embrace tradition while moving away from the old regime. We will capture stories of hope with refugees, the lost, and the broken.

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